A Quilt is Born

xxxA Quilt is Born


My youngest son took immediate possession of this pouf as soon as it was completed. Since he also expressed a desire for the Rainbow quilt the obvious thing to do was to make one like it to match the pouf, using many of the same fabrics.



The fabric is cut out.

I can easily make the colour balance on my garden table.

I am satisfied with the colour balance and ready to sew the squares together.

The quilt is finally finished. It has cotton batting and the back side is black with a narrow white stripe.

It isn’t quilted, but there are black knots in the centre of the coloured blocks and small coloured knots cover the entire back side.

The squares have been sewn and now have to be fit together, separated by the rhombus.

All the pieces have been laid out so as to set off the small coloured squares to the best advantage.

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