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SEW YOUR OWN NB Quilt Design.

There’s a pattern for you regardless of whether you’re a beginner, an intermediate or an advanced quilter.
All the patterns are carefully illustrated and explain step by step in full detail exactly what you need, and how to do the cutting, the sewing and the quilting, and all the necessary templates are included.

Here you can learn to sew the simplest tea cosy, the most complex quilt, a beautiful pillow for the couch, or a fun toy for the nursery.

For more information on SEW IT YOURSELF click here.

Give your home a beautiful personal touch with an NB Quilt Design.

NB Quilt specializes in creating quilts based on and refining the beautiful, old quilting traditions.

You can see the best NB Quilt Designs here.

The quilts are not for sale, but you can buy a pattern and sew one yourself.

All patterns come in both centimeteres and inches.

NB Quilt  • Dragør • Denmark


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