Sew it Yourself

Sew it yourself                     __________

Before you start you can learn a lot about quilting and appliquéing here.

Like everything else fabrics are also a slave to changing fashion trends and the types of fabrics available in shops will vary.

That’s why the patterns don’t tell you what kind of fabric you need, but instead indicate a color theme that you can create based on the photos.

You should always choose the best quality fabric because producing a quilt takes a lot of work and high quality fabrics make your work last longer.

You can see what patterns are currently available here.

There are more on the way.

The pattern will be sent to your e-mail address as a PDF file.

By sewing an NB Quilt Design yourself you’ll discover the joy of creating timeless elegance in quilts that will last and be appreciated for generations.

An NB Quilt Design will also give your home exciting new possibilities for interior design.

NB Quilt Design provides a fully illustrated pattern that thoroughly explains the process step by step.

In addition you get templates and explanations about the quilting process itself.

If you’re in any doubt about your skill level or if you run into difficulty along the way you’re always welcome to contact me for advice and guidance.

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