Behind NB Quilt

Nina Bjørnson has designed and produced many different kinds of quilts over the past 30 years. She aims especially to preserve the beautiful, old tradition, but with a fresh, contemporary twist.

Fabricating a quilt is an extremely demanding task involving a number of different processes and typically takes between 6 and 12 months.

Nina Bjørnson holds a Master’s degree and teaches at an upper secondary school, but has additionally always worked with textile arts in many different forms. Her original interest was the art of weaving, as seen in the scarf in the picture on the right, but more recently her primary focus has been on quilt making.

None of the quilts shown here are for sale but are illustrative examples of the endless possibilities of the art of quilting.

xxxBehind NB Quilt


NB Quilt  • Dragør • Denmark


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Translation: Joan Høberg-Petersen