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Royal Danish or Flora Danica is a vast Danish botanical work commissioned by King Frederik V in 1761. It consists of 3,240 copper engravings in folio with accurate hand colored illustrations of all the wild flowers and plants that grew in the Kingdom of Denmark, and may be viewed at the Royal Library.

Nowadays Flora Danica usually refers to Royal Copenhagen’s most costly and exclusive dinner set, but here it’s an NB Quilt featuring 17 of the most beautiful flowers executed in appliqué and embroidery.

The flowers in the quilt, one of the original panels, and a Royal Copenhagen dinner plate are shown below in miniature. They can all be fully enlarged if you click on the image.

The Flora Danica quilt is my number one favorite. Unfortunately no computer screen can do it justice.

The quilt is 180 x 180 cm, very lightly quilted, and with contour quilting to maintain the delicate impression.

NB Quilt  • Dragør • Denmark