Stained Glass Star

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Today this beautiful technique has become an art form in which only the very best fabrics and filling materials are used and great attention is paid to every last detail.

Unfortunately no monitor can do justice to the nature of a textile; you have to feel the fabric physically, touch it, sense it. Quilts are especially difficult to reproduce accurately on a monitor because the three dimensional quilting effect disappears in the monitor’s two dimensions.

The arrival of grandchildren also made NB Quilt start a production of toys.

They can be viewed on NB Toys, and you can get there by following this link.

The toys are different from what is normally seen and hopefully they will serve as inspiration for new creative games.

NB Quilt specializes in the design and fabrication of quality quilts, recreating and refining the beautiful, old quilting tradition. An NB Quilt is usually a recreation of a traditional pattern which is given a new twist and is used in a new and unusual way as in Stained Glass Star and Starry Log Cabin.

The production of quilts is an age old handicraft dating back a thousand years. The first quilts arose from necessity and the materials used were usually pieced bits of discarded clothing, which is how the name patchwork or “pieced work” arose.

The colours may become heavily distorted as well, and on some monitors the yellow shades can appear greenish or curry coloured even though all the yellow shades here are a dusty, sunshine yellow.

None of the quilts shown here are for sale but are illustrative examples of the endless possibilities of the art of quilting.

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