A Pouf is Born

xxxA Pouf is Born


My youngest son made off with the Harlequin pouf as soon as it was finished, so I needed to create a new pouf. This one was completely different; the top piece featured three appliquéd lady birds arranging to go on a date and the side piece used crazy quilting.

You might think it looks a bit unusual but the cat enjoys lying in comfort as she surveys the garden and the neighbour’s tom cats at her leisure.

Crazy quilting is a technique in which scraps of material are laid out arbitrarily and embellished with embroidery at the seams. Here you can see “crazy” sections before and after the embroidery embellishment.

So now there are two poufs, each 40 cm high and 62 cm in diameter, soft, solid and very light.

Inside there is an inner pouf shown here with a cord at the top to fasten the button.

The inner pouf is made from polystyrene, latex foam and thick batting, then covered with cotton canvas.

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